NeosGoal v2.5.2

We're proud to release version v2.5.2 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following features and bug fixes:


  • [Feature]Change watcher to followers and give users the option to follow the case - Case #2928
  • [Feature]Update sort of cases by descending instead of ascending by default and fix bug when you click on case sort for the 1st time - Case #8799


  • [Bug]Some notifications dont include all screenshots - Case #8166
  • [Bug]Load URL not working correctly for templates - Case #8637
  • [Bug]When user is not logged in to neosgoal and click on a case, redirection link shows error - Case #8742
  • [Bug]Server Timed out while generating csv for S2S - Case #8747
  • [Bug]Remove
    from beginning of body on email notification
    - Case #8777
NeosCloud Development Team