NeosGoal v2.1.0

We're proud to release version v2.1.0 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following features and bug fixes:


  • [Feature]When the user change the status to "In progress" all the other one that have the same status should be "Pending" - Case #2804
  • [Feature]Create restrictions to certain users to not be able to modify start dates or due dates - Case #6490
  • [Feature]Make the top menu bar options consistence - Case #7670
  • [Feature]Develop feature to SORT (or Manually arrange order) of SubProjects and Allow special Characters in Subproject Name - Case #7787
  • [Feature]new Gantt chart - Phase 2 - Case #7848
  • [Feature]Create a link on Resource name inside the case that takes you to their Queue - Case #8021


  • [Bug]Error while accessing account settings - Case #7577
  • [Bug]Remove former Clouders email from support email. - Case #7710
  • [Bug]Gantt update to handle and review projects - Case #7862
  • [Bug]Gantt Chart: does not show high level Project for Inversiones Espana. - Case #7968
  • [Bug]Gantt Chart: Start and End Dates on in case do not match the Gantt showing one day earlier - Case #7991
  • [Bug]Gantt Chart: Browser hangs periodically when trying to bring up Gantt Chart...possible loop - Case #7999
  • [Bug]Due dates and watchers not showing while updatinga case/issue - Case #8152
  • [Bug]Gantt chart - links do not take you to correct case - Case #7971
NeosCloud Development Team