NeosGoal v5.0.1

We're proud to release version v5.0.1 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following improvements:


  • [Task] Replace drfdocs package with a new one - Case #13870
  • [Task] After updating a case, going back to the list of cases for the project is not efficient - Case #11407


  • [Bug] Fix navigation buttons one login screen for Mobile - Case #13871
  • [Bug] Sorting by status in the cases view doesn't work - Case #10785
  • [Bug] Sphinx is failing to generate the docs after upgrade - Case #13135
  • [Bug] Neosgoal doesn't do anything when your token expires - Case #11578
  • [Bug] Editing froala templates show unlicensed froala editor message - Case #12200
  • [Bug] NeosGoal Reported Bug - Deleting goal seems like is not deleting it from elasticsearch - Case #12555
  • [Bug] When cases are closed timer is not stopping. - Case #12515
  • [Bug] NeosGoal Reported Bug - Editing subproject gives unknown error - Case #12556
  • [Bug] In play/stop icon doesn't get updated after change - Case #13872
  • [Bug] When a new case gets assigned to an user it gets duplicated in the todo on the dashboard - Case #10810
  • [Bug] When the timer is stopped it shows as if the support user is the one sending the notification when it needs to be the actual user. - Case #11171
  • [Bug] Filter cases by tags is not returning the right results - Case #13107
NeosCloud Development Team