NeosGoal v4.9.1

We're proud to release version v4.9.1 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following improvements:


  • [Task]Integrate Segment with NeosGoal - Case #10969
  • [Task]Improve NeosGoal landing page style, format and wording - Case #10959
  • [Task]General user experience improvements - Case #10956
  • [Task]Improve spacing on mobile devices for dashboard - Case #9892


  • [Bug]Default reports are not working on demo tenants - Case #10957
  • [Bug]Clicking on manage project for ACS880 changes, June 2017 then trackers took me to the admin section - Case #10897
  • [Bug]Filter list of users while adding project defaults to only those users with access to the project - Case #10943
  • [Bug]While creating a new project, deactivated users show on the list of members - Case #10946
NeosCloud Development Team