NeosGoal v4.1.1

We're proud to release version v4.1.1 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following tasks and bug fixes:


  • [Task]Create documentation regarding Invoices - Case #9349


  • [Bugs]How are cases sorted in the gantt? - Case #10501
  • [Bugs]Working on a case and assigning it to another resource didn't record the time - Case #10475
  • [Bugs]Cannot review timelog change requests - Case #10473
  • [Bugs]Loging as Jennifer Jeronimo shows error 500 on home - Case #10463
  • [Bugs]Case is not showing on related cases drop down - Case #10462
  • [Bugs]Using all to select multiple cases to try to close them all at once seems like its not selecting the cases - Case #10460
  • [Bugs]Logging in as Jim Clark from ABB throw an error - Case #10455
  • [Bugs]Error when trying to leave a comment in the Wall - Case #9884
  • [Bugs]Unicode characters not working on email reply - Case #9880
  • Regards,
    NeosCloud Development Team