NeosGoal v2.8.3

We're proud to release version v2.8.3 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following features and bug fixes:


  • [Feature]Export functionality in the gantt view - Case #9185


  • [Bug]Why I can not see the time when a case was created? - Case #9641
  • [Bug]Reassigned case 9630 from my homepage (client dashboard) and the case was not removed from my queue - Case #9638
  • [Bug]Updates from outlook remove formatting - Case #9610
  • [Bug]Manager-Client Home page Team's today timelog is wrong - Case #9549
  • [Bug]Manager-Client Home page Team's today update is wrong - Case #9548
  • [Bug]Followers field is empty - Case #9504
  • [Bug]Email updates through emails didn't post on neosgoal - Case #9414
  • [Bug]Email reply gave UnicodeDecode Error - Case #9373
  • [Bug]Auto time logger not working more often than not - Case #9306
  • [Bug]Adding a hyper links using froala editor on modal that opens while reporting a bug does not let me type on textbox - Case #9200
NeosCloud Development Team