NeosGoal v2.8.2

We're proud to release version v2.8.2 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following features and bug fixes:


  • [Bug]Time log is not visible while hovering over it - Case #9568
  • [Bug]Case modal doesn't open twice - Case #9564
  • [Bug]When an image is too big in the case description it overflows outside of the modal - Case #9546
  • [Bug]File permissions from case 9201 happens only with nginx/neosgoal - Case #9540
  • [Bug]On jasiel there was an error while selecting assignee on the project 101 - Dash - Case #9526
  • [Bug]When account settings is updated, the notification spelling is not right - Case #9522
  • [Bug]After creating a new tracker, two of them show kind of like duplicated while creating a project instead of only one - Case #9521
  • [Bug]Creating invoice for jasiel's database shows multiple issues - Case #9496
  • [Bug]Creating a new role on a new tenant gave error 500 - Case #9492
  • [Bug]Modals to report cases in phone have issues scrolling - Case #9309
  • [Bug]After uploading video on case 9115, the file permissions were not set properly - Case #9201
NeosCloud Development Team