NeosGoal v2.6.2

We're proud to release version v2.6.2 of NeosGoal Management System which includes the following features and bug fixes:


  • [Feature]Update questions that clients needs to respond while creating a new tenant - Case #8901
  • [Feature]Update email notifications to populate the from with the user's email rather than support one - Case #8871
  • [Feature]Update deployment script to restart gunicorn and nginx services after mounting the drive - Case #8870


  • [Bug]500 error when trying to update a case that doesn't exits. - Case #8921
  • [Bug]Creating case 8913 gave me error 500 - Case #8913
  • [Bug]Reset password link it's pointing to wrong domain - Case #8911
  • [Bug]Cannot create subrojects - Case #8883
  • [Bug]Attaching pdf to a case is giving error about Entity Too Large - Case #8866
  • [Bug]Rank sorting on cases for NeosGoal Phase 6 project show some cases with none on top - Case #7869
NeosCloud Development Team